ESG Consultation

An indicator of organizational performance

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is an indicator of organizational performance in order to measure their own progress towards meeting corporate social responsibility goals. These reporting frameworks are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations.

The importance of ESG

ESG initiatives has been increasing in the recent decades. For publicly traded companies there have been reporting requirements in place but not for privately-held companies. However, privately-held companies might be at the losing end if they are not taking any appropriate initiatives now.

Potential risk

The challenges of getting financing from the Bank, affect companies’ reputation, losing stakeholders support and trust from customers. Quantifying ESG criteria provides measurable feedback on the companies’ progress. This can enable valuable insights and vulnerabilities that businesses are neglecting while the main focus is only on the core activities.

Huge benefits

There are huge benefits of transitioning to a sustainable business model. It includes but not limited to better access to capital markets, funding and bank financing. Enhance brand reputation and improved customer loyalty, stronger stakeholder engagement and reduce risk of non-compliance with regulations.

At Start Now, we are focusing on data and action driven implementation approach to Accelerate your ESG and Sustainability Journey, while maintaining a good balance between the cost and benefit of an organization in the short and long term.

Start Now is now one of the Supporter of TCFD

Building Sustainable Business Practices

At Start Now, we support local companies to develop and improvise their sustainability practices in business. We adopt the evolving best practices and localised the strategies in Malaysia.

What gets measured, gets managed. We measure the outcome of the ESG initiatives and keep on improving. This gives a strong support to the Management to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ESG implementation initiatives to their stakeholders.

Nonetheless, to use it as a solid foundation for reporting purpose.

“A business practice that is economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly is usually regarded as being sustainable. Corporations that include socially responsible and environmentally sound policies as core elements in their growth strategy very often create sustainable economic values”

according to the University of North Florida’s Center for Sustainable Business Practices